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“A workman is not just a workman. A laborer is not just a laborer. An office worker is not just an office worker. They are the living, breathing, important pillars on which the entire structure of our civilization is erected. They are not cogs in a mighty machine. They are the machine itself.”   – L. Ron Hubbard

Personal Efficiency

In this course you will learn some fundamental Scientology principles that you can use to better understand and resolve problems in the workplace, in personal relationships and in any area of life.

Student Testimonial: “When I was out of work and trying to better myself through Scientology, I saw this video and began to apply it at my next job. And by applying this technology I’ve been winning and landed an awesome job! And watching this video reminded me of things I can improve on to increase my survival even more.” JP




How to Get Motivated


To accomplish your goals, you need personal drive. You have to overcome barriers and keep moving forward. Success, therefore, requires personal motivation. So why do we often procrastinate? Why do we occasionally delay important things till the last minute? This course answers these questions and will show you how to get rid of laziness. It’s time to accomplish your goals and this course will get you into action TODAY!

Student Testimonial: “I have come to realize that I was doing a ton of things wrong in my life, i.e. not confronting my problems, not getting things done, not being productive. No wonder I wasn’t motivated. Simple but powerful” SH


Formulas For Living

If personal relationships go wrong, what should you do? If you are in debt, how should you handle it? If your job goes sour, how can you straighten it out? There are exact formulas for those situations and any others—precise steps, based on natural laws, that work every time.  Find out how to gain full control of any condition or circumstance. Learn the practical formulas that reverse bad conditions and strengthen good ones.

Student Testimonial: “The beauty of this course, for me, was the fact that my data aligned with the senior datum and I can USE this data much more efficiently. Our statistics in our business have skyrocketed since starting this course!” DS



Scientology Tools to Organize For Success


We all recognize that if things were better organized, people would be better off, yet organization is often a key missing part in people’s lives.  How do you get organized in your personal life?  How do you organize your home life?  How do you organize your business so you have more efficient production and better management of resources?  Take this course and find out.  If you have high goals, if you want to achieve all you want to achieve, you need to learn the secrets of how to organize.

Student Testimonial: “I loved this course!  It can be so difficult to confront one’s goals or job and see a way out of the mess. On this course I can see how to identify the specific actions necessary to get a product as well as establish the vital posts needed for an organization to survive – identify what’s missing and post it.” NT

Effective Time Management

This is a world of high-speed travels and ultra-fast communication.  This course shows you how to keep up with the pace and get more done in less time.  Have you ever felt like you were not accomplishing things fast enough?  That time passes too quickly?  There are principles that will help you manage your time better and avoid distractions.  Many people have no clue how to do it—this course shows you how.

Student Testimonial: “For me this course boiled down to one word, ‘organize’. I never really looked at organization as also including hatting, knowing what your product is, etc. Now I feel I have a much better understanding of what organization means. It got real simple for me.” GZ 



Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Without goals you don’t feel that extra sparkle to your life, and in fact you can feel quite lost.  People without goals tend to become ill and shrink in power, and sometimes they start to sweat the small stuff as a result.  This also happens to those who have lost their goals or failed to achieve their goals.  Fortunately, you can come to this course and find out the workable approach to set goals and make them happen.  You will feel you have regained control of your life.

Student Testimonial: “I had a big win on planning – It’s why a lot of my plans don’t happen. It’s because I jump right to production and skip all the rest. This is the first time I’ve seen the real value of observation and surveying. This is a big win for me.” DS



Scientology Tools For Effective Leadership

Why do people respect and support some as leaders and shun or despise others?  How does one executive achieve prosperity and pay his staff well, while another fails? Is it fate? Luck? Some special gift only “the successful ones” have?  This course answers these questions and gives you the true laws of leadership.

Student Testimonial:  “As my business is expanding and my group is growing, it is very important that I can manage and guide the team in the right direction. This course was great in the way it has outlined the responsibilities of a leader, the team members and the process to achieve goals.” NLC



Knowing Who You Can Trust

Your survival depends on knowing who you can rely on. But how can you tell who your real friends are? How can you determine if a person will help make a joint venture successful? Is there a way to predict if someone will betray you in the future?  The answer is YES. There are fundamental elements to human behavior. When you know them you have insight into your fellow men and women.  This course will help you choose people wisely.

Student Testimonial: “This really helped me get a great understanding of how people are and certainly how to predict behavioral patterns as well.  It’s been a tremendous learning experience and now I know when I am in doubt about a person and their patterns I feel secure that I have the technology to guide me.” -G.C.


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