Financial Prosperity

All people want to be prosperous and improve their standard of living. With that greater level of survival life becomes less stressful, more satisfying and more rewarding. And from there you can continue to improve your financial prosperity.

Formulas For Living

If you are in debt, how should you handle it? If your job goes sour, how can you straighten it out? There are exact formulas for those situations and any others—precise steps, based on natural laws, that work every time.  Find out how to gain full control of any condition or circumstance. Learn the practical formulas that reverse bad conditions and strengthen good ones.


Student Testimonial: “The beauty of this course, for me, was the fact that my data aligned with the senior datum and I can USE this data much more efficiently. Our statistics in our business have skyrocketed since starting this course!” DS



Scientology Tools For Overcoming Financial Stress

Is your life afflicted by the stresses and strains of finances? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? This course will give you tools to take control of your finances and effectively handle your financial crisis.  The fundamental principles taught in this course are taken from years of practical experience.  Your life and your future will become much more liveable when you apply these principles right away in your life.


Student Testimonial: “This data is so applicable, not only to finance, but to all facets of life. I’m ready to use it to tackle whatever comes next in life” KB




Scientology Tools For Financial Security

There is an answer to achieving all you want out of life. When you know how, you can proof yourself against financial concerns. Then, even if faced with a crisis, you can swiftly recover.  This course gives you the principles which govern finance—for any organization of any size or for any individual. This course is for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom.

Student Testimonial: “Before taking this course I handled finances just by income and outgo. Basically make money, spend it until I almost don’t have any left, try and safe some and wait until I make more money. Now that I know this data, I have a more in depth understanding of the importance of good credit standing, income planning, financial planning and many other financial information that is vital to my financial security.” JP


Scientology Principles Of Prosperity

Do you want to live a full and happy life and be free? A greater abundance makes life less stressful and more satisfying, but how do you get there? The answers lie in basic natural laws, and this course gives you the laws that make it possible to be prosperous, which then allows you to be happy and free as an individual. Your success is important. This course will help you get there and stay there.

Student Testimonial: “This course has taught me the basics of money, production, one’s condition of living and exchange. With this data I will be more confident producing in exchange for money at a level that with ensure prosperity. JS


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